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Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level II Evaluation Information

Level II Evaluation

Acentra Health is honored to have been selected as North Carolina's new PASRR vendor!  Acentra Health completes PASRR Level II evaluations and Resident Reviews for significant change.

Our team of PASRR Evaluators utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach and consists of highly skilled and trained professionals, licensed in the state of North Carolina, including master's level psychologists, nurses, social workers, and other mental health professionals. We work together to identify individuals with possible serious mental illness (SMI), intellectual disability (ID), and other related conditions (RC) and provide comprehensive evaluation prior to admission to nursing faclities.  PASRR Level II evaluations assess nursing facility level of service needs and additional care needs, such as Specialized Services and Specialized Rehabilitative Services, to ensure individuals with SMI, ID, and RC recieve needed services in the least restrictive setting possible. 

Acentra Health adheres to the Federal and State regulations governing the PASRR process. The Level II evaluations are sensitive to each individual’s culture, language, ethnic origin, and means of communication. Our determinations are person-centered and support individuals in need of additional services while in nursing homes.