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Personal Care Services (PCS)

Beneficiaries and Families

Beneficiaries and Families

Acentra is the state’s partner in conducting independent assessments for individuals requesting personal care services. When processing referrals and conducting assessments for PCS, beneficiaries and their families can expect Acentra to:


  • Respond quickly, processing referrals within 2 business days.
  • Schedule an assessment within 2 weeks; working with both the beneficiary and their family, for a day and time that is most convenient for them.
  • Conduct a thorough and high-quality service assessment executed by a registered nurse.
  • Timely communication with both the beneficiary on the outcome of the assessment and if approved, communication with the selected provider.

How to Apply for Medicaid

To be considered an eligible beneficiary for services, a beneficiary must be enrolled in NC Medicaid. For more information and instructions on how to apply please see NC Medicaid

How to make a referral for Personal Care Services?

The beneficiary or family member will want to provide the Request for Independent Assessment for Personal Care Services Attestation of Medical Need Form (Form 3051) Request for Services and Instructions (DHB 3051)to their primary care or attending physician to complete. Once complete, the form will need to be faxed to Acentra at 833-521-2626.

What can the family expect once a referral has been made for Personal Care Services?

Once the form is received, it will be processed within 2 days. If information is missing, Acentra will work directly with the referring physician to obtain the necessary information required for processing. If Acentra is unable to obtain the necessary information, the request will be denied and a letter sent to the beneficiary. The beneficiary is welcome to reapply at any time once the necessary information is obtained.

If the form is complete with all required information, then the beneficiary can expect a phone call within 2 weeks to schedule the assessment. If the beneficiary resides in an Adult Care Home, Acentra will call the home.

How can the beneficiary best prepare for the assessment?

The more information that can be provided at an assessment, the better. It is recommended that individuals who care for the beneficiary on a regular basis be in attendance in order to speak to their ability to perform the activities of daily living on a regular day. It is also important to have any medical documentation that can speak to the beneficiary’s physical abilities as well as all of their medications.

The beneficiary will be asked to demonstrate their ability to perform the various activities of daily living. The beneficiary and caretakers should plan for the assessment to last 1-2 hours.